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Welcome to Crypto - X


Crypto-X is hungry for innovation and creation. Contribute ideas that will help grow & expand the use of our technology. Every user has the option to share their own creative ideas in order to satisfy every need at its best.


Just by facilitating your assets on the network, you can join a basic income revenue system while supporting community growth and expansions

Benefits of Crypto - X

No more running expensive mining hardware!
No more driving power costs/consumptions!
No more surveillancing software or updates!
Just income generation without any interference.

Energetic and devoted!

Every team member on Crypto - X has been carefully selected to ensure a positive atmosphere of skilled individuals that are fully committed to the CWX development.

Ethereum Blockchain

Operating on Ethereum, Crypto - X has the ability to execute multiple smart contract functionality without network disruption..

Payment processing.

We're developing a payment system that businesses can utilize CWX in many ways whether be reward systems, discounts or as currency for goods/services.

What is Crypto - X?

Crypto – X is a new decentralized peer-to-peer gateway that connects Planet Earth to Cryptographic Digital Assetization. Operating on the Ethereum Blockchain;  Crypto – X will develop a fully functional encrypted basic income generating system for low – wage citizens to join to enable them the ability to project themselves to higher levels.

Utilizing the Crypto – X protocol, users are able to hold, transfer, and earn their collective financial assets in a decentral monetized digital centre (crypto-currency wallet) that is fully encrypted beyond the control of financial restrains. You can earn revenue with ease!

No longer will users of cryptocurrency be required to invest in expensive mining hardware for minimal returns or configure and excessively monitor staking systems with large investments. No more growing power costs or hardware replacements. Just easy income generation at a great price.

Crypto – X offers a new unique, personal based revenue generating system called Proof-of-HODL. Just by facilitating your assets in the Crypto – X network, users are able to benefit from a self generating revenue system that rewards them consistently for maintaining a minimum balance; without need of investing in mining hardware, configurating complicated systems, excessive power costs or hardware repairs. With the growing value of our token, combined with this new token – creation method empowering HODLers to gain additional tokens, users and investors are able to generate high revenue returns for their portfolios, while supporting the Crypto – X development.

Crypto – X will host weekly smart-contract raffle draws to reward the community and help grow their portfolios. Each community member can contribute a desired amount of CWX tokens to the raffle for a randomized chance to win the jackpot. The pot will split 75/25 with Crypto-x to grow developments and new avenues of expansions. It’s a win-win system! We provide you a new option to earn financial freedom while growing the overall value of the community even further towards the same goal!

And finally, we will develop a fully encrypted payment processing client to allow businesses an option to utilize CWX as payment. This will bring CWX into the hands of regular citizens. Whether utilizing CWX as a in-store reward system, or accepting as payment for good and services or offering discounts in exchange, the availability is endless with smart contract functions. We will actively seek, promote and expand the use and acceptance within the general community with ever expanding routes.

Ticker: CWX
Starting Supply: 20,333,333 CWX
Token Holders: 5,500,000 CWXT
Pre Sale & ICO: 13,833,333 CWX
Founding Fund: 1,000,000 CWX
Capped Supply: 51,869,333 CWX
Allowing for 3 full years (365×3) of HODL rewards based on above token creation mechanism of 31,356,000 CWX

Regular HODLers of a minium required 2.500 CWX will be eligible for a shared 70% of these daily HOLD rewards.
MasterHODLers of a minimum required 50.000 CWX will be eligible for a share Regular HODLer rewards, as well as a share of 30% additional HODL rewards each day.

10 coins per second turnaround,
20 coins per minute,
1.200 coins per hour,
28.800 coins per day,
201,600 coins per week,
864.000 coins per 30 days,
10.512.000 coins per 365 days.


  • Founding Fund
  • Pre Sale
  • CWXT Holders (pre-registered)
  • ICO Sale
  • Proof-of-HODL

Crypto - X Team

team member
Connie H

CWX Co-Founder, C.E.O., Ethereum Developer

team member
Chris M.

CWX Co-Founder & Lead Strategist

team member
Noah L.

CWX Graphic Design

team member
Oscar S.

CWX Web Design & Social Media

team member
Chesley L.

CWX Human Resources

team member

CWX Creative Design Manager

Crypto - X Advisors

team member
Jacob W.

Efficiency and Analytics Advisor

team member
Wesley S.

CWX Financial Auditing Advisor

Roadmap 2017

September 2017

Founding of Crypto-X. Team development and website. Crypto-X gathers to create and structure a community driven protocol.

October 2017

Protocol development. The team creates the Crypto-X structure.
Release of Whitepaper.Advising and reviewing.

November 2017

Smart Contract configuration and testing.
Creating smart contract functions for Token sale.

Dec - Jan 2018

The Presale and ICO sale will open to public.
Presale will offer 25% bonus, minimum 2 ETH.
ICO price 1 ETH = 8,000CWX No bonuses.

February 2018

Proof-of-HODL smart contract testing.
Configuration and release.

April 2018

Community Raffle protocol structuring begins.
Smart contract testing and release.

June 2018

Enterprise payment system development.
Mobile wallet creation, testing, and release. Begin sourcing partnerships

August 2018

Secure contracts and partnership ensuring growth and expasion leading into Q2019.

September 2018

Release 2019 Roadmap

Future Exchanges

Client Logo
Client Logo
Client Logo

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