It’s finally time!

After many months of planning and creating proper structuring, Crypto – X is finally live on the Ethereum blockchain!


Our skilled team has been collaborating tirelessly to bring you the ultimate token creation protocol on the securest network available.  If you haven’t heard yet, Crypto-X will be offering Proof-of-HODL, a new concept that will allow investors to generate new tokens without staking their coins, burning power resources, having to run expensive mining gear or monitoring software. Read more about proof-of-HODL in our white paper.

To begin, as you can see, we have revealed a sleek new design for our website, compliments to our Web Developer , Oscar. You may see him around in the Telegram so give him a kudos for all his hard work towards providing a sleek and beautiful user interface !

We have added some new members to the team this week also. You may notice the addition of Wesley, Jacob, Chelsey and Hakar. Wesley is an experienced financial auditing advisor that will help ensure a compliant and effective model for the progression of Crypto – X. Jacob has joined as our efficiency and analytics advisor. With a strong understanding for efficiency and protocol statistics , Jacob is able to ensure we have the most efficient operations. Hakar has joined as our Creative Graphics Manager to help create outstanding imagery.  Finally, Chelsey has joined as our Human Resources Officer. With every thriving team in development, comes the requirements for Human Resources to ensure we have proper organizational development. With the addition of these new team members, Crypto – X is sure to flourish into a vision to be remembered.

Also, we finally have the official dates for the ICO sale ; It will begin on December 10th and will run for 42 days, completing on January 21st. The pricing structure will be 1ETH = 8,000CWX (not including initial bonuses). For the first 14 days of the ICO sale, you will receive 25% bonus on purchased tokens (1 ETH = 10,000 CWX).  Initially, when you send your tokens to the crowd sale contract, during the first 14 day time frame, you will notice you don’t receive the bonus immediately. This 25% bonus of tokens will be awarded to the investors after the ICO has closed. Don’t worry, everything is recorded on a public block chain ledger so we can effectively distribute the bonuses to all investors at that time! 🙂

We are very excited to finally be releasing our minimum viable token to begin the token sale and distribution. We will have many exciting updates as things roll out and come together which will include exchange listings. This data will be revealed near the ending of our crowdsale.

Thank you for your time, patience and support, and we hope to see you on the investor’s deck as well within the community!

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