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Welcome to Crypto - X!

token contract ; 0x7058f2ae7c1cfda824c39004253c27e2f6d0f1f9

Symbol ; CWX

Decimals ; 18


Crypto-X is hungry for innovation and creation. Contribute ideas that will help grow & expand the use of our technology. Every user has the option to share their own creative ideas in order to satisfy every need at its best.


Just by facilitating your assets on the network, you can join a basic income revenue system while supporting community growth and expansions

Masternode 2.0 Advancements!

No more running expensive mining hardware!
No more driving power costs/consumptions!
No more surveillancing software or updates!
Just income generation without any interference.

Energetic and devoted!

Every team member on Crypto - X has been carefully selected to ensure a positive atmosphere of skilled individuals that are fully committed to the CWX development.

Back by Ethereum Smart Contract Technology

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, Crypto - X has the ability to execute multiple smart contract functionality without network disruption..

Payment processing.

We're developing a payment system that businesses can utilize CWX in many ways whether be reward systems, discounts or as currency for goods/services.

What is Crypto - X?

Crypto – X is a new decentralized peer-to-peer gateway that connects Planet Earth to Cryptographic Digital Assetization. Operating on the Ethereum Blockchain;  Crypto – X will develop a fully functional encrypted basic income generating system for low – wage citizens to join to enable them the ability to project themselves to higher levels.

Utilizing the Crypto – X protocol, users are able to hold, transfer, and earn their collective financial assets in a decentral monetized digital centre (crypto-currency wallet) that is fully encrypted beyond the control of financial restrains. You can earn revenue with ease!

By owning a Master node 2.0 with Crypto-X , no longer will supporters of a master node network be required to invest in expensive mining hardware for minimal returns. They will no longer configure and excessively monitor staking systems with large investments. No more growing power costs or hardware replacements/maintenance. No more tech savvy  set-up or know-how required! Just HODL the minimum balance of 50,000 CWX tokens and you will earn revenue from a master node 2.0. You can HODL these coins in ANY Ethereum wallet that supports custom erc-20 tokens!

Just easy income generation without expensive hardware and a truly decentralized community.. Isn’t that what everyone wanted from the start?!


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