This announcement is absolutely jammed packed! Please make sure to read EVERYTHING!! IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND WITH EXCITEMENT!

           Thank you all for your extended support and patience while we have put everything together securely for you! 
It has been a wonderful experience communicating with you all throughout the past weeks, receiving feedback, sharing the knowledge, experiences and talents that you all possess and have contributed towards ensuring our community driven protocol Crypto-X becomes a success! We have worked very hard – but many of you have worked very hard aswell! We deeply appreciate the commitments you all share to us, our development, our community , and our family – each and everyone of you. We are excited to announce the next phases for the Crypto-X development, the team, and the CWX token on Ethereum Blockchain as we roll-out into the public.

We just completed the token distribution! SURPRISE!! Not only do you now possess your CWX tokens in your wallets if you contributed to the ICO, but ALSO – if you registered to receive CWX based on the allocations of CWXT you held back in October when we started our development,
YOU NOW HAVE THESE TOKENS IN YOUR WALLET AS WELL!! Bounty participant and airdrop calculations will begin on February 25th 2018. Stay tuned for those announcements regarding when distribution will be occurring!

You can now make the token visible in your wallet, view your balances, and instantly begin sending and sharing tokens !

token contract ; 0x7058f2ae7c1cfda824c39004253c27e2f6d0f1f9
Symbol ; CWX
Decimals ; 18

             We’re excited to finally get things going with the community! We have many exciting things happening this week on top of everything we just mentioned!!

Second up today – trading has begun on Fork Delta !!!! We are very excited to launch this for our community. Many of you guys have been waiting MONTHS for this day to finally come! We have been working our butts off to guarantee that we are consistently reaching every milestone, just as scheduled, to ensure we are always keeping our promises to you – for which we campaigned to receive your support and contributions!! You can find the trading pair for CWX/ETH right now if you want to pick up some tokens here –!/trade/CWX-ETH . If you missed out on the token sale, now would be the best time to secure your new Masternode 2.0 before each token is worth its weight in gold! The Crypto-X team will be liquidating 100,000 unsold CWX at ICO PRICE to kick off the trading day! Grab them before someone else does! THAT’S TWO MASTERNODES WORTH OF CRYPTO-X TOKENS! You only need 50,000 CWX to be automatically signed up for this amazing master node 2.0 journey with us once the functions are rolled out, 2,500 CWX will get you basic HODL rewards from our upcoming protocol! Did you know – exactly FOUR HUNDRED AND SIX! (406) masternode 2.0’s are available in total on the CWX NETWORK- with about 110 already purchased/held by the community! Supply is limited & the rewards are exceptional!

                And third up today – We have the OFFICIAL addition and release of our new Referral Program. Beginning today – For the next 60 days, we will host a referral program to welcome new individuals to our platform in hopes of gaining mass exposure within the crypto space while widely distributing the remaining unsold ICO tokens at no cost whatsoever. If you quickly jump to our domain – , you can click on the referral program tab at the top of the homepage. Create an account and log in. Once inside your Crypto-X dashboard, you will be presented with an affiliate URL. Copy and paste this URL and share it among your communities far and wide – for each and every single friend that registers an account on our website, your account will be credited with $1.00USD. For each $1.00USD in your account at the end of the referral program, we will give you 5 Crypto-X (CWX) tokens, this means each token will represent approx $0.20USD/1CWX – that’s double the ICO price!!!

We hope this referral program will assist us in obtaining mass exposure, as well as helping our community gain tremendous wealth based on their overall input towards spreading our message. We will announce at the end of the program once the referral tokens are available for withdrawal. These tokens are currently held in the original token smart contract and are not in circulation currently.

You can verify this here –

           You can also explore all token transfers from the contract on this URL. At the end of calculating all referrals, We will award three grand prizes to the three members that collect the most referrals to the platform! Crypto-x has retained 1,000,000 CWX from the supply of 20,333,333 for development funding and team payrolls in the future, as outlined in our initial white paper.

These tokens are also out of circulation and held within a publicly verifiable wallet which can be found here –

                We would like to announce that the supply on CWX WILL OFFICIALLY BE LIMITED FROM THIS DAY FORWARD! That’s right! There will NEVER be more CWX beyond the current supply of 20,333,333 CWX tokens that are in existance! This means if you joined the ICO you have ALOT to look forward to for your investment, but also, this means also the referral program is complete, a master node will be MUCH harder to obtain as the token will be widely distributed – You should jump to Fork Delta and secure your master node 2.0 right now before continuing!/trade/CWX-ETH

But how will masternode 2.0 owners earn the rewards that we want to offer each month via HODLing the token in your wallet?! Well, over the course of our developments, we have looked at and evaluated many positive and very effective models to honour this reward system autonomously. We are fully aware that many community members hold the concern of the CWX token supply drastically increasing over time and potentially becoming solvent, which may incur an unintentional price deflation over time – and lets face it , nobody is appreciative of that happening. We want to avoid this as much as possible and ensure there are effective mechanisms in place to protect our supporters. The best method we have found to maneuver the protocol effectively in the right direction towards growth and productivity for our community, is to rewards master node 2.0 owners with an alternative token tied to the reward structure of their new masternode 2.0 on the Ethereum Blockchain.

                     This means that rather than earning x amount of new CWX tokens when each masternode 2.0 payout occurs- increasing the supply of CWX each time, the owner of the CWX masternode 2.0 would receive x amount of the exclusive reward token to their respective wallets. In our white paper, we outlined that there are about 31,500,000 new CWX to be generated and distributed to master node 2.0 owners over the course of the coming years as rewards. This token amount still be intact, however with a secondary token model involved, all of the reward tokens would be minted immediately and held in a locked smart contract that is publicly verifiable at any given time. Each payout date, only the specified reward tokens shall be released from the contract.

This means that in the early days of reward payouts, the reward token will welcome an extremely limited and exclusive circulating supply – increasingly rewarding the original token earners for their early support as they are free to list these tokens on public exchanges as whatever value they decide. The model is similar to how ZCASH tokens are minted in a sense from the beginning, it started with a circulating supply of 0 tokens during the initial developmental phase ,exclusively growing it’s supply in small amounts each week until all of the token supply has been released. This protocol reward structure that we are developing also shares similarities to that of the NEO token (previously ANTSHARES), rewarding stake holders with GAS tokens for HODLing long term. An interesting point to remember is that both of these protocol structures has launched the parent developments quickly to the top of the billboards and have been massively adopted due to their inheritantly productive and beneficial features for their communities.

            Together, we can ensure everyone in the crypto – sphere is exposed to a new generation of master node 2.0 functions on Ethereum Blockchain for exceptional wealth production and begin earning passive income without the restrictions related to regular , tech savvy mining and staking protocols of the past. Complicated configurations, difficult and regularly maintaining of hardware, expensive initial investments and overall driving power/operational costs involved with traditional methods!
Thank you all for your support! We look forward to the future together.
Crypto-x Team

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